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The challenges facing private aviation these days are are many.  Access for new customers is artificially difficult. The dropout rate is near 80%. Too many aircraft makers are making too many models, translating into low volume and high prices for planes, parts, and support. The flight instructor revolving door must stop. The dependence on the practice of pointing new pilots to rental aircraft must stop.

What will turn this around? Bold leadership to face the real reasons for the decline, a willingness to tell it like it is, and ability to lead. That leadership is coalescing around a group of aviation professionals that have come to be called the “Aviation Access Project.”

We have developed five components that make up our solution, laced them with common sense, implemented them with boldness, and eliminated self-destructive greed, ego, and self-indulgence. We create ACCESS.

  • Component 1 - Establishment of friendly, customer-centric Flight Centers at airports across the country. The Flight Center is the physical location of the local Community of Aviators. We welcome EAA chapters, Alpha Eta Rho chapters, CAF wings and other groups that want a home. You are Family, now.

  • Component 2 – There will be aircraft of different types, but the foundation will be modern two-seat light sport aircraft. We will also have refurbished or new 4-seat “move-up” airplanes to provide options for appropriately-certificated pilots.

  • Component 3 – At the Flight Center, we use proven Shared Ownership methodology to allow pilots to purchase an quarter/eighth/sixteenth share in these aircraft, thus lowering the cost of ownership. Aircraft are expensive, so it just makes sense to share them, especially if they are professionally managed for the owners. Share owners pay a monthly maintenance fee that covers all recurring costs except fuel. And there are no hourly charges.


  • Component 4 – Provide a streamlined, sensible Flight Training program in the owner’s aircraft, to Sport Pilot level, included in the price of the share. We use Gleim materials.


  • Component 5 – Provide a network of Flight Centers, promoting Community, Camaraderie, Celebration, Advancement, Safety, Purpose, and Fun.


FC + FO + FT + FS + FA = millions of new pilots and a 25% dropout rate. This is the formula for success.

This movement was founded by Rick Matthews, CEO of Fractional Assets Inc. The group formally organized at Sebring, FL in January at the 2012 Sport Aviation Expo.

We welcome collaboration with our airport neighbors, the Aircraft Owners amp; Pilots Association, and other industry groups. We must all work together.

We welcome productive conversations with those who wish to fly and own something.

We welcome referrals from any of our friends.

We welcome the aviation media, as we offer a positive message.

We welcome investors large and small.

We welcome ideas and refinements to make our system better.

We welcome fellow visionaries who can help us make it happen.

We welcome you, who honored us by taking the time to read this.

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“We Manage, You Fly, That’s It!”